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Eleanor McCullough

Eleanor McCullough’s work as an artist, writer and archivist is to care for the residues of other people’s stories. She searches for moments of intimacy within archives and listens for the voices of women whose role it has been to maintain the legacy of a loved one.


Gathering fragments of biographical material like recorded interviews, letters, lists and notes, McCullough discharges the narratives of these often-overlooked figures through writing, moving image, audio, and various forms of image making. The processes she employs are methodical and repetitive, drawing on feminist practice of the echo, a mode of poetic analysis known as deformance, and psychoanalytical methods of deep listening.


Aiming to address an imbalance, McCullough’s work speaks to the absence of these memory workers from our cultural consciousness, while amplifying the contradictions implicit within notions of dependency, dedication, and debt.

Ruskin MFA 22
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