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Emma Hambly

Situated interactions - investigations into material and physical understanding 


In a different century, and in response to different times, Hannah Arendt wrote that comprehension means “examining and bearing consciously the burden which our century has placed on us – neither denying its existence nor submitting meekly to its weight. Comprehension, in short, means the unpremeditated, attentive facing up to, and resisting of, reality – whatever it may be.” (Hannah Arendt, 1949) 


Akin to others, I find that nature is good to think with, with its liturgical possibilities. The tangle of materialised figurations and entangled others. Rooting myself at a table and amidst wildness in an effort to understand and materialise potentials of interference; refractions. Diffraction, crystallisation. Endeavouring to assuage internal politically effected impotence and apathy at the degradations of democracy, a cast of shills, the divergence of inequalities, erosions of trust. Resistance; refusal. 


Sadness at loss and grief, at (lost) opportunities and (wasted) endeavours, at lost hope; the shrillness of hope. 


Attentive situated interactions / proximity / somatic refigurations 


I seek 

To be attentive 

Seeking sustenance in that endeavour. Nutrience 

Ruskin MFA 22
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