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 the slagheap, Scissett, West Yorkshire

'broadcasting' [a fishing rod], Oxford

my childhood garden, Denby Dale, West Yorkshire

Mort Drew

and that is eternity. Mortimer Drew.


there’s something about waking up and knowing that the world is ending. a little closer to ending. every day. not my death arriving, just: billionaires getting richer, housing becoming more expensive, food less available. the earth a little warmer. a few more species extinct. never to be seen again.


i’m particularly interested in the idea of permanence. the relativity of it.


[ecological] [live] [transmission] art. 


reaching, aching, grieving, longing, across, beyond, away from. 




the significance lies in the ephemerality of live transmission. not recorded audio. fleeting and passive. temporally locked to the world we inhabit. the reality of it. 


fractured physical and psychological site.


negotiating my/our/your existence amongst the vastness of it all.



From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them, and that is eternity.

Mort Drew is an ecological sound artist with a practice spanning live broadcast, sound installation, and zine making. Their recent research focuses on ephemera and permanence, displacement and site. Mort is co-director of the ecological arts cooperative Soundcamp.

Ruskin MFA 22
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